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Home Exterior Replacements and Upgrades

If you are planning to replace or upgrade any exterior materials on your home, the materials must be of like kind and quality. Garage doors, windows, roofing, lighting and siding are examples. Any deviations to existing materials, design or color must be submitted to the Architectural Committee for approval using the forms below.

Garage Doors
Single family and townhouse garage doors vary. Single family garage doors must be replaced with solid white CHI brand recessed panel sandwich doors (without windows). Townhomes should use flat panel doors or a replacement door that matches doors next to or facing them. Two local CHI dealers / installers are listed below:

Mount Garage Doors
1008 Klee Mill Rd.  
Westminster MD, 21157

There are various siding materials available today that are similar to cedar siding. These materials are not recommended as they do not exactly match the original siding and tend to cost significantly more than cedar. For siding replacement and repairs, use only Shakertown Contemporary 7" even butt exposure panels.

Windows, Skylights and Vents
Original windows are Andersen. Replacements are available from, but not limited to, Andersen Renewal windows. The only requirement is that any replacement window must look the same as the original from the exterior. The same policy applies to skylights and vents. 

Roofing Shingles
Roof shingle replacement should be of the same type and color as original. Architectural grade is preferred. Deviations must be approved by the Architectural Committee. Townhouse shingles must match neighboring units.

Grey cedar siding: 
Benjamin Moore Coronado Maxim solid hide stain

White trim:
Sherwin Williams Duration paint

Approved Trees
The following list of trees are approved by the Board of Directors and the Buildings and Grounds Committee:

Canadian RedbudAutumn Purple Ash
Crimson King Maple    European Hornbeam (Fastigiata variety)
Kousa Dogwood   Japanese Zelkova
Red Maple   October Glory Red Maple
Pin Oak       White Oak
Kwanzan Cherry   Star Magnolia
Small Leaf Linden

Any architectural or landscaping changes need to be reviewed and approved by the Architectural Committee using the attached forms before work is initiated. This includes the painting or staining of decks to maintain uniformity throughout the association.

Freedom Overhead Door Co., Inc.
19 Cockeysville Road  
Hunt Valley MD, 21030
Phone: 410-252-9930